The Embassy for Creative Affairs is there for...

creative entrepreneurs

refreshing cooperation

international bridge builders

young professionals and students


The Embassy for Creative Affairs is a network of communities. It originated in North Brabant, from which the networks are branching internationally. The Embassy is an independent platform of involved professionals who are looking for connections between high tech and high touch; connections between social values and technology.

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By working together and collaborating joint issues are given new perspectives. Entrepreneurship, creativity, technology and knowledge are central to our approach.

The Embassy is a meeting place, a workshop and a stage, where meetings are organized with a hands-on approach. 

We mainly inspired by regional social issues, the EU Urban Agenda and the Global Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N.

Pillars for activities are:

  • Meet & connect
  • Inspire & discover
  • Experiment & doing 


Social issues we are facing nowadays can not be solved easily. They arise due to overpopulation, unimaginable differences in poverty and wealth, exponential growth of technology, cultural migration and so on.  

Through unexpected meetings and connections, learning from local, national and international ‘best & bad practices’, we are broadening our knowledge. Together we are on an expedition. We are learning from each other, from special cultures and places. Direction is being found on places where they are not being looked for. 


It is important to find directions for everyday and long term challenges.  


encounter & connect

A yearly network event to meet new people and get to know others better. 

inspire & explore
By organising a debate, presentation, reading or roundtable, relevant issues are provided with perspective. 

experiment & do
By designing together and work on project basis, we create concrete directions for clients and others involved with The Embassy.  


Upcoming activities:


Some of the things we did: